We all heard “it”…but how to heed it?

Wake Up Call

If the tornado-like storm that struck South Jersey on Tuesday, June 23rd had a social media account, it would have posted a picture just like that.

The media draws attention to Mother Nature’s strengths…but our real pain point is Human Nature’s weakness:  we get complacent.

If you heard the wake-up call delivered by the storm, here’s 3 simple steps to take action in the home and workplace:

1 – Make a Kit: Gather supplies for your family’s  own health, safety and comfort should you need to shelter in place.   It is extremely important to have a weather alert radio like the Eton FRX2, with cell phone charging capabilities.  If the power goes out and internet is disrupted, you need a radio, your lifeline to the outside world to inform you if any major threats (such as a tornado on explosion) are in the area.  First responders call this “situational awareness”, and it’s crucial to the protection of your family and co-workers.

 Eton FRX2 found here:    http://www.amazon.com/American-Turbine-Weather-Smartphone-Charger/dp/B007KFLVW4/ref=sr_1_2/192-5652457-2229922?ie=UTF8&qid=1435175313&sr=8-2&keywords=eton+frx2+emergency+radio

 2- Have a Plan:  Publish, Practice and Share with your family and employees how you will communicate when various channels break down, and where to meet if you must evacuate.

 3 – Stay Informed:  When situations are severe, as was the case on Tuesday, June 23rd, it is even more important to heed warnings and stay tuned in during and after impacts.  “What if power goes out and I don’t have TV or Internet to get the news?”  See the importance of  Step #1 !!!

For the protection of your facility, save AllRisk’s 24 hour number 877.247.5252 in your contacts.  

Interested in an easy-to-use and share checklist to Make a Kit, Have a Plan, Stay Informed?  Simply contact Lisa Ortiz (lisa@allrisk.local) subject line “checklist”.

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