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Qualified and Responsible with Your Tax Dollars

As an employee of a public entity or business partner who serves one, you understand how critical it is to pre-qualify any service you engage. AllRisk’s experience in serving public entities dates back to the early years of our firm. What does this experience mean to you? The confidence that the firm you’re hiring understands how to perform with quality, and assurance that your purchasing criteria is fully met. From compliance with procurement law, to having the proper licenses and certifications, to certified payrolls, you can count on AllRisk to do the job right, in step with all of the rules and regulations that govern our services. Your job as a public official means your plate is already full. Our professionals ease the burden of paperwork that goes hand-in-hand with a loss, by anticipating your PR, communication, insurance reimbursement and FEMA documentation needs. Whether it’s speaking to your Board of Ed to address questions, or helping you to craft a safety lesson-learned program for your constituents…our experts are always on call to show up and support you.

Awarded Public Entity Related Contracts:

• Rowan University – Water & Fire Damage Remediation Services RFP 15-07

• MRESC (Middlesex Regional Educational Services Commission) Cooperative – Disaster Recovery Services


NJ State Approved Co-op #65-MCESCCPS
Bid #: MRESC 12/13-26
Bid Term: 11/16/12-11/15/15

• ESC of Morris County


EDS Bid #6061 – Disaster Remediation Package #57

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