Philadelphia–based University

The relentless rains of 2013 presented an ongoing challenge for a Philadelphia-based university. With single drains for storm and sewer, sewage backflow is a reoccurring issue.   Due to one such record-breaking rain, the Library, Kitchen Cafeteria, Dining Hall, Dormitory and Bathrooms all suffered Category III water damage. AllRisk crews utilized a combination of extraction, barrier containment, demo, cleaning, sanitization and drying to address, dry and stabilize all areas.   Based upon the direction of the University, it was imperative to get the Cafeteria back online next day, and thanks to the round-the-clock effort of our tireless crew, this goal was met. Simultaneously, remediation of the library was completed with minimal disturbance to operations. All emergency services were completed in one week. Project cost: $200,000.

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