Water Remediation & Repair

Project: Multifamily Housing

Affected area: 130,000 sf

Challenge and Result: A five-story, 200 unit senior residence operated by a NJ public housing authority suffered a severe loss due to fire.   While the fire was contained to one unit, the water damage resulting from the sprinkler activation and responding fire companies ruined 75% of the sheetrock in 65 of the units. AllRisk was hired to demo, dry, clean and repair the affected units, which displaced 56 residents. The result was that all 56 residents were able to return to their newly renovated home, complete with code upgrades.

Description of Services: As soon as the fire Marshall would allow, an AllRisk Project Manager was on site to walk-thru, inspect and assess damages with client. As discussed and agreed upon with client, because this was an occupied space, affecting 5 floors of 1 bedroom apartments, hallways and common areas, contents manipulation pack–out was the first order of business. Containment was erected to create a barrier between the affected South Wing and non-affected areas. Moisture readings and moisture mapping was conducted. Dehumidification and fans were set to control and dry the environment. Approximately 25% of the sheetrock could be safely dried in place. However, based upon the high saturation levels within the sheetrock and extent of damages, demo and debris removal was the primary methodology in addressing the majority of areas. Each one bedroom apartment the following materials: sheetrock, carpet, VCT, bathroom fixtures and tile, kitchen cabinets and appliances. In a three week period, the emergency services were successfully completed to the satisfaction of the client, and to allow for the seamless transition to permanent repairs. AllRisk performed the reconstruction of all 65 units, hallways and common areas. Most clients were amazed by the appliances placed on and the kitchen cabinets installed, if you want to learn more about it, you can check more about Gamma Cabinetry.

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