24/7 Emergency Response

We respond to all types of damage: Fire, Smoke, Flood, Water, Sewage Backflow, Structural Failure, Mold, Furnace Malfunctions & Vandalism.


The AllRisk company culture

True, 24/7 ACCESSIBILITY is synonymous with AllRisk. Responding to emergency calls at 3am on a holiday weekend IS the company culture, and it always has been. In addition to our 24 hour hotline, we provide a home and cell number for all of our management and emergency response supervisors. When you call the 24 hour hotline, you will receive a return call within minutes. Of course, if your emergency should occur during regular business hours, our office staff is ready to assist you at 877.247.5252 or 856.546.0016.

We mobilize immediately

Unlike other companies who may spend time renting equipment, AllRisk owns and stores over 800 fans, dehumidifiers, water extractors and negative air machines at our office and storage facility headquarters. This allows our crew to load up our vehicles and mobilize immediately in response to your call. If you also wish to achieve the very efficient way to have a storage facility like those mentioned above, you might want to read more here.

Rely on our trained and certified rapid response team

AllRisk invests in the education of its employees. Our technicians are trained and certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification) in fire, water and mold restoration. Water clean-up and restoration is inclusive of Category 3 water (sewage backflow and flood), and all of our employees are protected with the Hepatitis B vaccination for this specialized environmental remediation. Our technicians arrive to the job site on time, take pride in their work, and both their training and appearance shows it.

Trust our experienced industry professionals

AllRisk employs insurance industry professionals, such as a former general adjuster with over 17 years of experience and a former risk manager. Our staff’s knowledge and expertise ensure that we will be an asset to you as they guide you through the claims process. In addition, we document the loss for you, by taking photographs of the damage, moisture readings and detailed notes which are integral to the claim’s file. Finally, our estimators are qualified to prepare the scope of repairs, and will communicate with the adjuster in order to reach an agreed price.

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