Property Restoration

Seamless transition into the restoration phase


How We Can Help

After an agreed price has been reached with your insurance adjuster; AllRisk can begin the repairs to your building immediately. The restoration work is performed by OUR staff of carpenters and tradesmen. We only sub out the licensed trades such as electrical, plumbing, and heating repair service in Milwaukee.

React and Respond

Our long-standing relationships with reputable subcontractors in all areas of construction ensure that they will REACT AND RESPOND in an emergency, just as quickly as we do.

If the loss involves finish work, such as any type of flooring, wall covering, paint, cabinetry and countertops. The packing underneath the floor may have collapsed, or it could be another by-product of too much moisture build-up. If the damage is extensive and irreparable, you would need to replace your floor. Epoxy resin flooring contractors like can provide you with advice on what type of epoxy resin flooring is best for your specific needs.

A septic tank inspection is also an essential component of property restoration because failing to do so can cause major issues that result in a costly, hazardous situation. If your septic tank is up for replacement, you can find septic tank installers near me here.

AllRisk provides a customer service rep who will provide samples and coordinate the entire selection process for you, making this important step of the restoration phase as turnkey as possible.

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