For more than 20 years, AllRisk Property Damage Experts has provided 24/7 emergency response, restoration and mold remediation services to companies of all sizes in the tri-state area.


Our Mission

While there are many causes of property damage, AllRisk’s mission remains the same: to immediately minimize business interruption, to mitigate costs and to make your job in the recovery process as easy as possible. AllRisk’s proven track record in reopening businesses safely and quickly following a catastrophic loss has been our calling card since 1994.

AllRisk’s privately-owned model and depth of resources uniquely positions our firm to provide the fastest response, best workmanship and most personalized service available. With a dedicated team of 65 employees, a robust emergency response fleet and over 1,000 pieces of equipment, AllRisk is one of the largest and best equipped firms on the East Coast. AllRisk delivers 24/7 emergency service in the event of property damage caused by fire, smoke, flood, sewage-backup, water, mold or structural collapse. As a full service general contractor, AllRisk is able to seamlessly transition a loss from the emergency phase to complete restoration.

What makes AllRisk different is what makes us better

AllRisk’s employees are trained, industry certified and background checked. We do not employ untrained, temporary labor. Simply put, we do our homework to ensure that our employees among the most qualified and dependable in the industry — ensuring both the security and operational efficiency of your project. Our belief in our team, from the frontline to senior management is why we confidently promise you quality, ease of service and peace-of-mind.

24/7 accessibility and the commitment to respond around-the-clock are the company culture, and always have been. Overnight calls are responded to within minutes, and Team AllRisk will be on site in one hour plus travel time. By storing AllRisk’s 24 Hour Service number – 877.247.5252 – in your phone, you will have instant access to your partner in emergency and business continuity planning.

How Can We Help You?

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