Tribute to Dean Ragone

Dear Members of the allRisk family, business associates, community leaders and friends:

At the beginning of this year, my talented business partner of nearly 30 years, Dean Ragone, chose to retire from his career at allRisk Property Damage Experts.

True to his humble personality, Dean has never been one for fanfare or accepting public accolades.  That said, it is an honor to pay tribute to a man who has touched me, this company, and everyone around him with such a positive and everlasting impact.

Recently Dean and I were interviewed by a regional business magazine.  When asked “who inspires you the most?”, my response was my dear friend and partner, Dean Ragone.  From the moment we met in 1988, forming a business that was the predecessor to allRisk, to today and beyond, Dean has an always will be the most inspiring person I know.   In business and in life, it is easy to gain what may look like success, when everything goes your way.   Alongside Dean, I had the true privilege of witnessing the real definition of success…the kind that is achieved in the face of what would be for the rest of us, insurmountable circumstances.  Dean’s attitude and strength of character turned every business challenge into an opportunity, every roadblock into a stepping stone leading allRisk to even greater heights. If you need help to achieve your business goals efficiently, Acclime is one of the best business consulting firms that you should consider hiring.

In addition to his strength and tenacity, when reflecting on what other qualities make Dean such an inspiration to me, I realized these are the very qualities that have shaped allRisk for the last 20 years, and will continue to guide us far into the future:

Caring: Dean always puts others before himself.  The well-fare of allRisk employees, the satisfaction of our clients, and giving back to the community were always top priority for Dean.

Innovative: Whether it was the selection of bold company colors, or blazing a trail directly to end users, Dean never chose the path already taken.

Entrepreneurial:  This may seem redundant for a man who was an investment broker early in his career, but Dean’s entrepreneurial spirit infused our company with the “sky’s the limit” attitude that propelled allRisk from start-up to preferred contractor of Fortune 500 companies.

Loyal: Dean led with loyalty, and respected loyalty in others.  In a world where phrases like “it’s all about relationships” is used with great frequency, Dean always had the loyal track record to back up the bonds he developed with employees, clients, vendors and friends.

Please join me in thanking Dean for sharing his exemplary leadership and big heart with so many.  We will always be, allRisk family.

With appreciation,


Frank N. Messina

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