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Severe weather conditions are expected as a result of Hurricane Joaquin in the coming days. As we have learned from past severe weather events, if landline use is disrupted and wireless calling is overwhelmed, texting is a preferred and effective method of communication.  Included below are cell numbers for key AllRisk emergency personnel.  Not knowing which channels of communication may be disrupted after the impact, we offer every possible way of contacting us in advance.

Lou Crisci, Senior VP Emergency Response & Director of Operations: 609.634.9998 cell / 856.303.1108 home / lou@allrisk.local

Ziggy Osinski, COO: 609.634.9999 cell / 856.753.8581 home / ziggy@allrisk.local

Frank N, Messina, Principal: 609.634.9991 cell / 856.428.1714 home / frank@allrisk.local

Christine Messina, VP: 609.634.9960 cell / christine@allrisk.local

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With regard to cell phone usage, AllRisk is always prepared with backup batteries and even a hand turbine radio (pictured above ) as a back up.

Store Team AllRisk in your phone for 24-hour emergency service: 877.247.5252





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