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Construction and renovation projects represent growth in the competitive world of higher ed, and comes with potential for losses during or right after completion. With great anticipation, the $25 million renovation of a newly named Athletic Arena was set to be and unveiled and celebrated with a Grand Opening Ceremony on a Sunday. The Friday prior, a burst pipe and extensive water damage throughout the freshly-finished center threatened to postpone the celebration. AllRisk arrived on the scene and the urgency of the turn-around to make Sunday’s event was communicated immediately by the University. AllRisk extracted all standing water, pulled the base cove, drilled holes for the injecti-dry system, set drying equipment (dehu’s, air movers and AFMs) and planned for a seamless transition to emergency repairs. Drying and repairs were completed, and all equipment broken down and removed in time for the Grand Opening and its robust audience, eager to see the brand new , dedicated Arena. Project cost: $25,000.

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