AllRisk’s partnership with communities gains recognition from FEMA and national leaders in preparedness

AllRisk believes that sharing prevention and mitigations strategies is the best way we can protect our communities before disaster strikes. In support of America’s PrepareAthon, AllRisk is presenting “how to prepare” lunch & learns to multiple senior housing communities in NJ.

Woodbridge HA Greiner

Woodbridge Housing Authority Greiner Towers – Senior Residents Preparedness Lunch & Learn

History has taught us that in a wide scale catastrophe, help is delayed.  The messaging of this program emphasizes to residents of senior housing communities: “In an emergency, you are empowered and responsible for the health, safety and comfort of your family…here’s how in 3 Key Steps”. Takeaways include checklists, and tactics that are proven to keep communication open despite power disruption, the biggest obstacle to recovery in the early hours of a crisis. Executive Directors, Facility Managers, and Resident Coordinators appreciate this program because when residents take responsibility for themselves, life safety is protected and the burden of “the people part of the disaster” is greatly reduced during a crisis.

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