Tips To Prepare For Hermine

Tropical Storm Hermine


Inspections before weather arrives:

  • Inspect your perimeter, building envelope and roof for areas that are vulnerable to water intrusion and wind damage.
  • Check grading, gutters and downspouts to ensure that heavy rains will drain away from your building.
  • Inspect rooftop unit security measures (straps, screws, latches)  to ensure that the system you have in place has not weakened or deteriorated.
  • Move outdoor contents (patio furniture, grills, trashcans, etc.) that could become airborne to a safer temporary location indoors.
  • Stay in tune with local weather to track if impacts have intersected with your building location.


The Human Element:

Besides building vulnerabilities, other conditions commonly associated with losses can be attributed to the human factor. This is a season for vacations (which again, are so deserved)!  This also is an important time to review your internal system for coverage and back up.

A few simple questions, when answered, will go a LONG way towards your risk mitigation and preparedness.

Q: At a time when so many folks are on vacation, who will still be local to the facility and can monitor conditions and/or respond on-site if an issue occurs?

Q: Does the backup contact have access to the building, and if appropriate, the necessary alarm and fire codes.

Q: Does the backup contact have the necessary information for early action responses (i.e. knowledge of utility shut offs, cell numbers for electrician, plumber and tree removal contractors)?

Q: You know your facility best, when something goes wrong, what critical information (as well as what is simply second nature to you) would you want your coverage personnel to know?


To watch the track of Tropical Storm Hermine, and it’s possible impact on our area visit:

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