How to Outsmart a Power Outage

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Winter storms can cause havoc on some communities, and power outages can last for several days.  The Eton FRX 2 NOAA Radio & Flashlight and the Duracell Inverter are affordable tools to keep you connected.  The game changing feature of the Eton radio is its USB port, so even if the battery runs out, you can hand crank to maintain your phone’s charge.  Frustrated by the loss of electricity in your home? You can convert your vehicle’s power to household power with an inverter to run handheld devices, laptops, or even a coffee maker.  The Eton Radio and 400 watt Duracell Inverter retail for around $40 each.  Inverters at a higher price point ($400 for 3000 watts) are powerful enough to run larger appliances such as a refrigerator.  Here’s the big headline, compared to the expense and risk of the inexperienced trying to operate a portable generator, this is a much less expensive and safer option.
Here are some tips to help you stay safe and prevent property damage:

Emergency props1

Before the Storm hits:

  • Restock your emergency supply kit.  Water, chargers, candles, flashlights, rock salt, sand, snow shovels are some must haves
  • Check your City or Municipal website to register for emergency alerts, allowing officials to communicate with you during the storm
  • Charge your cell phone, devices and portable chargers
  • Make a plan to communicate with family members in the event you lose power; start a group text, email or if using social media chatting services, make certain everyone is looped in
  • Turn on your TV/radio for the latest information on tracking the weather
  • Carry an emergency supply kit in your vehicle should you need to evacuate
  • Document contents and equipment with photos/videos for insurance purposes
  • Secure all outdoor furniture and items such as trashcans, or move them inside
  • Inspect temporary barriers and replace as necessary if undergoing a renovation
  • Keep pets inside


After the Storm:

If your property sustained damages:

  • Call AllRisk’s 24 hour emergency number 877.247.5252
  • Call your insurance professional
  • Document affected areas and contents with photos/videos for insurance purposes
  • Clear bag, but do not throw away damaged items


Property damage snowstorm


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